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What is krill?


Krill is a zooplankton found at the basis of the marine food chain. It constitutes a primary resource of substances with high value for general health.

Where does the word krill come from?

From Norwegian origin, the word krill stands for a group of zooplanktons composed of many species of small marine crustaceans (1-3). According to paleontological data, krill exists since 36 to 60 millions years (4).

Krill is at the basis of the marine food chain

In nature, krill is used as food by multiple animal species (1-3, 5-7). Situated at the basis of the ocean food chain (8,9), it is an incomparable natural source of proteins (~70%), omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), powerful antioxidants, astaxanthine, phospholipids, active digestive enzymes, essential amino acids, fibers, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Krill is the most available animal plankton specie on the planet (1-6).

Whole krill is the source of substances of high health value.

Whole krill contains a natural combination of high value substances with exceptional health benefits.

It is considered as the source of high value substances for food (pigments, flavors, enzymes), pharmaceutical (peptides, amino acids, chitine), nutraceutical (enzymes, peptides, antioxidants, oil, fatty acids), biotechnological (enzymes) and cosmetic (oil, fatty acids) industries (2,6,7,10-12).

The krill Euphausia pacifica is caught mostly as food supplement for fish farms (among other things, it gives the “pink salmon” color to salmons) and for aquariums. In other parts of the world (e.g. Japan, Russia), it is used for human consumption since thirty years (1,7).

Gryd Inc., the manufacturer of lyophilized (freeze-dried) whole krill of Krilex, has opted to save the krill in its integrality to make sure that the consumers will benefit of all the nutritional and nutraceutical values of whole krill. Gryd Inc. uses Canadian whole krill sp Euphausia pacifica only.