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Why take Krilex?

Krilex is a natural health product made integrally of lyophilized whole krill offered in capsule form. It helps to maintain good health.

Nature offers us the curative power of the sea via integral krill. In nature since million years, krill is used as food for multiple animal species. Situated at the basis of the marine food chain, it is an incomparable natural source of proteins (~70%), of omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA), of powerful antioxidants, of astaxanthine, of phospholipids, of active digestive enzymes, of all essential amino acids, of fibers, of vitamins, of minerals and of trace elements. Krill is the animal plankton specie that is the most available on the planet.
One has to combine many terrestrial foods or natural health products to obtain a nutritive value of similar quality and a pooling of essential nutrient as varied.

Krilex is an excellent alternative for those who do not eat fish sufficiently. By eating Canadian lyophilized whole krill, we get, for example, what salmons eat to get their omega-3 fats and other nutrients essential for their growth, their pink color and their health maintenance. To take Krilex, it is going directly to the source.


Krilex provides essential nutrients for general good health, including mental health in particular. Among the nutrients composing whole krill, the homologated active ingredients of Krilex include certain micronutrients (iodine, selenium, copper), vitamins (beta-carotene) and marine omega-3 (EPA and DHA). Their beneficial effects on health result from their interactions on metabolism and on the regulation of cell activities of the entire body. (See What is Krilex? Section for more details about the homologated active ingredients of Krilex).

Krilex is the result of eight years of research and development. It is prepared according to the norms of the Canadian good manufacturing practices. Krilex is a natural health product homologated by Health Canada and its natural product number (NPN) is 80018757. It is also approved by the US FDA.