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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How much protein do we find in a capsule of Krilex?

A. The margin would be between 50-70%, so between 150 and 210 mg per capsule. We could say 180 + or – 30 mg per capsule.

Q. Can you please let me know what the dosage is per day?

A. The dosage may vary from 1 to 10 capsules a day depending on your personal needs. A good prevention dosage is 2 capsules after each meal. It will complete your meals and help you digest faster and more efficiently. If you have a very strict budget, taking 1 or 2 capsules a day is better than nothing at all. If you want to discuss further about this do not hesitate to call us.

Q. J’utilise Krilex depuis juillet 2011. J’en prends 4 par jour. Au début j’ai vu une grande amélioraton au niveau de mes ongles, mais après 1 mois, ca c’est stabilisé. Notre système peut il s’habitué au Krilex?

A. Probablement que vous avez atteint un plateau avec la concentration de 4 capsules par jour. De nombreux témoignages de consommateurs de Krilex indiquent que la consommation de 8 à 10 capsules par jour favorise un effet optimal.

Q. Is your product Krilex in powder form in capsules or in oil form in capsules? if it is in powder form why is that?

A. Krilex is made of lyophilized (or freeze-dried) whole krill from the Pacific ocean in Canadian territory. The lyophilization process takes the water out of the frozen krill without deteriorating the integrity of the food. Then, the dried material is pulverized in a fine powder which is encapsulated afterwards. All the ingredients of whole krill including their useful omega-3 fatty acids are found in the final product. For further information about lyophilized whole krill and Krilex, please consult our website. The oil extracts that you can find on the market are extracted from krill or fish using chemical procedures.

Q. Is there any contraindication for pregnent and breastfeeding women?

A.We do not know any contraindication concerning this situation. However, like indicated on the label, it is suggested to consult your health care practitioner before use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q. Is there any contraindication for someone that takes medication?

A. No contraindication was ever pointed out. Taking Krilex is like eating seafood in a capsule. It’s like eating fish. Krilex is different from all natural products that are in the majority of cases extracts. Krilex is made of whole integral krill (crustacean). Being a crustacean (put in capsules), it may not be suitable for persons allergic to fish and seafood products. This is indicated on the label.

Q. My doctor recommanded me to take krill oil, something that I started to do and I find it very effective. I notice that you have powdered krill, is it as good ? Do you also have the oil?

A. The Krilex product is much more than just krill oil, it is integral krill, whole and freeze-dried. It is encapsulated to facilitate consomption. Integral krill contains a wide variety of ingredients including of course the krill oil. Consult our web site to know the whole composition. Krill is the food at the beginning of the marine food chain. It’s all essentiel nutrients in one product.

Q. My naturopath recomanded me the Krilex product to help maintain my thyroïd gland. I just bought a bottle at Pharmaprix. The posologie indicates to take from 6 to 10 capsules per day, after meals. Could you be more précise? I don’t know exactly how many I should take ? I’m 47 years old, not menopaused. What do you recommand?

A. We suggest you to take 9 capsules a day, 3 capsules per meal.

Q. Can we say that omega-3 fatty acids are polyinsaturated fatty acids?

A. All omega-3 fatty acids are polyinsaturated fatty acids. The polyinsaturated fatty acids are not all omega-3 fatty acids. The oméga-3 are classified as polyinsaturated fatty acids.

Q. My doctor recommanded me to buy krill oil with the NKO inscription. Does Krilex present this caracteristic?

A. The inscription NKO is not a caracteristic, it is a brand name. NKO means Neptune Krill Oil. Krilex is whole krill, not only krill oil. Krilex and NKO are not the same product. The Krilex product is not fragmented, it’s freeze-dried integral krill, crushed in a fine powder and encapsulated. It contains all the ingredients of whole krill. Consult our web site for more information on the complete composition of whole freeze-dried krill and on the Krilex product.

Q. Can you tell me what is the recommanded dosage with the Krilex product?

A. The suggested dosage is from 6 to 10 capsules per day. Consuming 6 capsules per day with a rythme of 2 capsules per meal is an excellent dosage for prevention and contribution to maintain good health. You can also decide to take less than 6 capsules per day because even 1 capsule per day can make a difference on the long term.

Q. I have lots of allergies (gluten, lactose, fructose, sorbitol, soya, oeufs). I presently take your Krilex product. On the label you mention “hypromellose” as a non médicinal ingredient. I do not know this product. Could it contain one of the product I’m allergic to? To consume your product, I open the capsule and take only what’s inside, throwing away the empty capsule. Could that affect the assimilation of the product?

A. Hypromellose is a form of cellulose, a componant of vegetarian origin. None of the above ingredients that you are allergic to is part of it. Hypromellose is considered like a non toxic material that does’nt cause irritation. It is commonly used as an oral, ophtalmic and nasal excipient, in pharmaceutical formulations of natural products, cosmetics and food products. In Europe, it is accepted as an additive for food, as a non active ingrédient in the United States and a non medicinal ingredient in Canada.

If you do not have any crustacean, seafood and fish allergies, there won’t be any inconveniences to consume directly what the capsule contains. The quality of assimilation will not be affected for that matter. The capsule protects against possible allergies and facilitates the daily ingestion for those who do not like fish.

Q. Is taking Krilex during a chimiotherapy treatment is indicated and how would it help?

A. You can take the Krilex produc at the recommanded dosage. The Krilex product is made with a food (freeze-dried krill) and is presented in capsules. The avantages your going to get is better energy and repair of tissus.

Q. I buy 12 bottles of Krilex, this will give me and my husband a supply of one year. Is there an expiration date on the product or is it good for one year without difficulty?

A. The expiration date is of 3 years. This summer of 2011, the Krilex product is presently good up until mai 2014, so there isn’t any problem. Taking Krilex after each meal can help you digest and assimilate your food and it will also properly complete your meals.

Q. Is it dangerous to take Krilex if I take Synthroid?

A. There is no danger for an intake of less than 15 capsules per day. Krilex supplies around 15 microgrammes of iodine per capsule. People that have Synthroid as a medication ask that question because they are affraid of having an iodine excess. When we administrate small measures of iodine like 100 to 250 microgrammes per day, there will be no change in the thyroïd’s absorbtion of iodine and in the production of thyroid hormones. A well balanced die twill bring you up to 300 microgrammes of iodine per day.

Q. I would like to know if I can find your Krilex product in the east and center region of Montréal, especially at Pharmaprix. Is the list of stores on your web site is up to date? The reason is simple : I have some $60 worth of points and I was hoping to use them to try your product.

A. The store list in our web site is up to date. You can always ask the pharmacy of your choice to contact us and place an order. We never refuse any pharmacy, besides, many Pharmaprix already order from us. When you will have used your points, the easiest way to order is online.

Q. I take the Krilex product since last week. The dosage I take is 2 capsules after each meal. The natural product sellsperson recommanded me up to 10 capsules every day but I started with 6 capsules per day. Since a couple of nights, I have difficulty sleeping and when I wake up during the night it can take me up to 2 hours before falling asleep again even if I never had any sleeping problem before. Do I take too many capsules? Does this product acts negatively on sleeping?

A. We suggest you to take the Krilex product on a slow continuous pattern:

  • Day1: 1 capsule , In the morning or at noon
  • Day 2: 2 capsules, One in the morning, the other one at noon
  • Day 3: 3 capsules, One after each meal. Do not take it before going to bed.
  • Day 4: 4 capsules, One in the morning, two at noon and the other one after supper.

You can go on with this logic. If you have to bring up the dosage per day mainly take them in the morning and lunch time. In your case, we have to manage the stimulant effect. It’s a question of finding out how many you can take close to your bedtime. Like you, some people cannot take Krilex up to 3 hours before going to bed, the stimulant effect is too much.

Q. I would like to know the full composition (oméga -3, copper, iodine, etc.) in one capsule of Krilex.

A. You can consul tour web site to have the complete composition of freeze-dried krill in the section called What is lyophilized whole krill?’’ and also Krilex in the section What is Krilex?’’. Freeze-dried whole krill contains the widest variety of ingredients reunited in only one product. The whole krill is keepted integral. The freeze-drying process only takes out the water by sublimation without using any heat. The krill is keepted raw, whole and concentrated! The whole freeze-dried krill is crushed into a powder to be encapsulated afterwards. The capsule is made with hypromellose, a substance of vegetarian origin. The Krilex finished product is made of whole freeze-dried krill in a vege capsule.

Q. Dr Mercola – – praises the merits of krill and also of astaxanthine. However, he says that we should verify the quantity of astaxanthine before taking any astaxanthine supplement. They also talked about astaxanthine at the american tv show Dr OZ and they sais very good things about it. I would like to know the quantity of astaxanthine contained in one capsule of Krilex.

A. The concentration of’astaxanthine is estimated between 12 to 90 microgrammes per capsule. Krilex is much more than just omega-3 (EPA-DHA) or astaxanthine. It’s the combination of all its active ingredients working in synergy that makes it worth while for maintaining good health. Only Krilex has this composition.

Q. I noted a strong smell of fish when I opened the Krilex bottle.Does this means that the product is going rancid? Should I avoid taking it? I always keep the product in the refrigerator. When I bought it, it was standing on the shelves.

A. The Krilex always had a seafood odor because it’s a crustacean that comes from the ocean. When it’s freeze-dried, it takes this characteristic odor. Because the Krilex product is freeze-dried it can very well be kept at room temperature. To keep it in the refrigerator is a way to reduce the intensity of the smell when you open the bottle. The freeze-drying process is the best procedure to preserve food on the long term.

Q. My doctor recommands to take products with lipidic concentrates coming from marine origin that don’t contain any heavy metals , contaminants or other dangerous substances coming from the environnement. How can I have confirmation that I’m buying the right product?

A. The Krilex product is licensed by Health Canada. This means that we have to follow all requirements concerning chemicals , contaminants or heavy metal standards. For more détails, consult the technical information about the Krilex product directly on our web site in the Quality control’’ section.

Q. I know well your product. I have a question about krill oil. On wich level the properties of krill oil and the krill of Krilex are different?

A. In the Krilex product, we find all the omega-3 fatty acids accompanied by a wide variety of essential nutrients to maintain good health . Consult our web site to know the advantages of whole freeze-dryied krill and the Krilex product.

Q. I would be interested by your Krilex product and I would like to know the levels of EPA and DHA.

A. The proportion of EPA and DHA related to the total of fatty acids is respectively 10% and 27%. Each capsule of krilex contains around 8 mg of EPA + DHA. The quantity of EPA + DHA per capsule may seem small, but with the recommanded dosage, the synergic action of the fatty acids with the other ingrédients makes their assimilation and use more favorable than with isolated oils.